Coloring book for kids and toddlers aged 2 years and older. Learning games for kids entertains the child, and help them with education and learning. Especially if this is coloring or drawing game. Coloring game is suitable for both girls and boys. By drawing and coloring pages your child is learning and develop fine motor skills and wrist, which affects the intellection, and learning this world getting acquainted with the shapes of various objects.

More than 130+ coloring pages wait for kids in this drawing game!

All coloring pages are separated into 8 packs:

  • Animals coloring
  • Wild animals pages
  • Cars coloring pages
  • Dinosaurs pages
  • Undersea coloring pages
  • Professions pages
  • Creatures pages
  • Food coloring book

For convenience, the coloring book is made in such a way that the child won’t be able to go beyond the boundaries of the contour, which he began to paint.

Various drawing tools, such as a drawing marker, pencil, magic brush and others will reveal the artistic potential of your kids.
Texture painting will make your painting process trully exciting. With this tool, your kids can easy draw clouds, stars, grass and other elements.

Our learning coloring app game opens the world of visual arts for kids of all ages.

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