Coloring book for kids and toddlers 2,3,4 or 5 year olds, as well as a drawing pad. Cute drawings among which there are many animals, cars, dinosaurs, space and other coloring pages.

Many kids games not only attract the attention of the child, but also have a great impact on the education and development of the toddler. Especially if this is a drawing application or coloring (drawing) for kids. By creating drawings and coloring pictures, kindergarten kids not only develop fine motor skills, which affects the development of thinking, but also learn a lot about our world by studying the shapes and colors of different objects through drawing. This coloring book for kids contains a large number of attractive drawings for kids.

Kids coloring pages that you will find:

  • Farm animals coloring
  • Insects coloring book
  • Undersea coloring pages
  • Dinosaurs coloring
  • Space coloring pages
  • Wild animals pages
  • Food coloring book
  • Cars coloring pages

Smart baby coloring-drawing book is smart in that while drawing, the kid will not go beyond the boundaries of the contour that he began to paint.

Our coloring app for toddlers has an excellent drawing mode in which the toddler draws any drawings with a black marker, and then colors them just like other coloring pages. The path fill and other coloring tools will work.

Various drawing tools such as a marker, pencil, paintbrush and others can help you unleash your baby’s artistic potential. Painting with texture will make the painting process really fun. With this tool, your kid can easily draw clouds, stars, grass and other elements.

The coloring pages are drawn with great love for kids, the kid style is observed. Ready-made coloring pages for a baby can be sent via messengers to grandparents in one click, so that they too will be happy for your little hero!

Our coloring book for kids will open the world of arts for a baby of kindergarten age, both a boys and a girls. Especially coloring book is suitable for kindergarten ages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and also 7 and even 8 year olds baby.

Play to your advantage! Develop with a smile!

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